$1,000 and $1,000 awards

Hi, I am John Kulick and I have discovered a Unified Field Theory and I am giving away Money.

This pronouncement means that most physicists will categorize me as a member of the Kook society. (We are an unaffiliated cluster of people whose somewhat eccentric behavior is unpleasant to physicists, we are perceived as pests. Distractions)

Initially I thought that there would be some interest in the model, the search for the order to which the Universe conforms to has been a goal for thousands of years for tens of thousands of people.

This is not my experience. In fact, the greater the education of the person in physics, the less the interest.

I may at some time share some of my frustrating experiences, but dwelling too long in the past is an attention diverted from focusing on the future.  Besides, who really wants to listen to someone whine?

I will cite just one example, since it explains the necessity for the proposed $1,000 and $1,000 awards being offered.

I once sent a copy of my theory to a prominent physics journal.  The response I got was the following.

“This is too simple to be true.  In my thirty years of experience I have found that these papers always prove to be wrong.”

The letter never included any description of any errors.  If the model is so simple, it should be simple to prove where it is wrong.  I have no problem in showing how the present “Limited Expansion model” or the “Dark Model” is fundamentally wrong.

(I use the term limited expansion since presently the expansion of the Universe is assumed to stop at the boundary of gravitationally bound galaxies.  I use the term “Dark Model”  since 96% of the Universe is supposed to consist of Dark Matter and Dark Energy)

I realize that preconceived biases are going to make it extremely difficult for anyone to even consider the model.

In an attempt to have my model looked at, I am offering a couple of financial incentives.

  1. Once 1,000 copies of my paper have been downloaded,  I will award $1,000 to the Carl Sagan Fund for the Future.   This will help the Planetary Society continue its mission to help mankind discover outer space.
  2. I will award $100, to each of the top ten bloggers who make postings in response to the paper. The ranking will be done by popular vote.  The voting will begin as soon as 1000 copies of the paper have been sent and the voting will end one month after that.  I would expect the blogs to be critical, but they can also be humorous, or even supportive of the model.  The only restrictions are that the postings cannot be offensive or too off topic.

I have spent over 30 years of my life working on this model.  If you can, consider what it must be like to believe you have made a truly amazing discovery and then find out that no one will even listen.

Please, give me a chance.  If I have made a mistake, let me know.  Languishing is horrible; take me out of my misery, please.

Thank you for your time.


5 responses to “$1,000 and $1,000 awards

  1. John, we have to get the word out. I haven’t looked at your findings yet, but I already can tell it has far more truth and relavence than the fairy tales they’re feeding us. Time to kick in the door and open up the light. Our society has been sent into the darkest age of all time by a bunch of self-congratulating story tellers.

  2. From what I’ve read so far of your ideas on the geometric expansion of spacetime, these are fantastic and groundbreaking concepts and formulas. Please keep up hope, and I encourage you to keep up the great thinking and writing!

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